Composing Videos and Digital Storytelling

Resources (the actual teaching module)

This module provides instructors an introduction to various tools for creating digital storytelling projects and a template for integrating a digital storytelling project into an existing course.

As Jay McDaniels of Hendrix College has suggested, digital storytelling enriches student learning in a number of ways. Digital storytelling projects: “1. integrate different forms of knowing: verbal-linguistic, visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, analytic, and empathetic; 2. hone capacities for communication; 3. provide an opportunity to share with others; 4. can help students reflect upon modes of learning outside the classroom; 5. provide marketable skills relevant to a digital age; and 6. are vivid examples of engaged education — engaging a student’s creativity and intellect simultaneously.” In other words, digital storytelling projects are well-suited for courses throughout the liberal arts curriculum.


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