The goal of The Digital Liberal Arts Across the Curriculum project is to promote the integration of liberal arts approaches to digital pedagogy across the curriculum. To this end, the project here curates a digital archive of materials to encourage and instruct faculty in introducing digital pedagogies in their classes and digital methods in their research collaborations with students.

A series of individual modules (see links to the left) each foreground a particular digital approach, such as video storytelling or digital mapping. Through an extensive resource page they also act as a set of instructions for easily incorporating the given approach into the content of multiple disciplines.   The modules can be used as course content or as material to facilitate research and artistic/scholarly productivity. Eventually, the larger group of modules could be configured into a stand­alone DLA101 course for institutions wishing to take this approach.

Support for this project was provided by the Great Lakes Colleges Association through its Expanding Collaboration Initiative, made possible by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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